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Al Saud Bait Al Mandi is remarkably known for its Mandi Biryani. The moist and dewy texture of Mandi biryani is a madcap for many biryani lovers. It is a delicious combination of boiled rice, meat, and fusion spices. We also serve soups, starters, grills. We always take a pledge to serve you with a huge halal menu – right from the core of Arab delicacy.

Al Saud Bait Al Mandi brought Middle-Eastern cuisine into play; it has become the Pioneer of Arabic cuisine. The ambience here is comfortable and cozy with the handcrafted interior. Al Saud Bait Al Mandi predominantly strives to provide an Exclusive Middle Eastern Ambience incorporated with tasty food. From its start in 2016, Al Saud Bait Al Mandi, in a short time, held a special position in all classes of customers.

How it all Began

With many years of experience in Research and Development on the food Industry, we realized that people are looking for a change- opting for unknown cuisines and thematic restaurants in the regions of Hyderabad. When the founders are in search of new cuisine that is encouraged by the regional food enthusiasts, they found middle eastern cuisine more exciting. Al Saud Bait Al Mandi has evolved to cater to food in different varieties, where intensive market analysis has imparted in every aspect they hold. We also succeeded in blending middle eastern cuisine with regional preferences using skilled chefs, which had kick boosted the sales in their early stages. And the rest, you know !!

The Arabian Experience​

Al Saud Bait Al Mandi is a perfect place in town to taste the best Arabic & Tandoor foods, established as one of the most popular entrants into the string which serves Middle-East food along with Indian and Chinese.​
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The Arabian Experience​

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